Dominica with HorseA horseback rider from a very early age, Dominica Y. Wambold has always advocated for the proper care and treatment of horses. She has competed in equestrian showjumping competitions since the age of 6, advancing to the prestigious Winter Equestrian Festival, the Hampton Classic. She has helped in the training of horses which have competed successfully in the Desert Circuit, the Blenheim Spring Classic, the Lake Placid Horse Show and more, both with her and with riders to whom they were leased or sold. Dominica Wambold has been involved in caring for, training, and competing of. Dominica has been involved in caring for, training, and racing horses on numerous skill levels for over a decade.

Although Dominica was born in London, England, she moved to New York at a young age, where she attended school in the city but greatly enjoyed spending time at her family’s property upstate. The respect and understanding of animal behavior which she developed over these years later would guide her as she began to pursue her passion for horse back riding with a greater focus. By the age of 7, Dominica and her elder sisters had begun to ride and care for horses at a small farm down the road from their family’s upstate property, and it was from here that she began to move towards her focus on caring for, training, and managing horses both for her family and for the barns with which she worked over the following 11 years.

After hearing an upsetting news story about someone who illegally bred and raced foals  with fatal consequences, Dominica Wambold decided to take matters into her own hands. She took in three rescue horses from the foal case, and she and her family opened a farm to manage their costs and give the horses a home they truly deserved.

Wambold Farm, LLC is in Millbrook, New York and is continuing to develop as a premier farm for polo horses and rescue horses in the upstate New York area. Instead of being a trading or selling farm, Wambold Farm simply houses rescue horses and allows them to stay healthy, happy, and in great shape for racing.

Dominica Horse racingAs a founder and active manager of Wambold Farm, LLC, Dominica is responsible for a major part of the farm’s operations. She has taken on more and more leadership roles within the farm within the last few years and she is the primary horse trainer and show jumping competitor. She also oversees the majority of the show jumping division of the farm and plans to get even more involved in these events in the future.

One of Dominica’s favorite equestrian experiences was getting back into racing after an injury that kept her out for three months in 2011. The return to one of her favorite hobbies, especially within the Winter Equestrian Festival, reminded her of how important her lifestyle is to her.

Previously, Dominica was a Marketing and Operations Associate overseeing digital marketing and user acquisitions for Humin, an exciting new phone app that aims to “remember” iPhone contacts in a more natural way. She is now working in management consulting as business analyst. She graduated from Stanford University with a bachelor’s degree in International Relations in 2015.