Colleges That Offer Equestrian Scholarships



Equestrian sports are becoming more widely recognized, and as a result, many scholarship administrators are looking more seriously at equestrian programs. Whether you are English or Western schooled, if you’re an experienced equestrian, it is possible to get a scholarship at a number of schools all around the country.


How To Get Recruited To An Equestrian Team


If you are able to stand out of the crowd, you can gain scholarships to some of the country’s top academic universities in the country. Riding videos submitted to campus equestrian programs should showcase your versatility in addition to, of course, your skill level. Whatever equestrian style you are engaged in, your attire should match that style. Another important rule to remember is that student-athletes must not communicate with college coaches prior to their high school junior years.


How To Find The Right Team


You’ll want to find a team that competes in your equestrian class, whether that class is hunter seat, dressage, eventing or western. There is a comprehensive regional list of college equestrian teams provided by the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association, Inc. This list also provides statistics about each school’s equestrian class and team size.


Below is a list of some of the top equestrian programs according to


  1. Auburn University in Alabama
  2. Baylor University in Texas
  3. Brown University in Rhode Island
  4. California State University, Fresno
  5. College of Charleston in South Carolina
  6. Cornell University in New York
  7. Delaware State University
  8. University of Georgia
  9. Kansas State University
  10. University of Minnesota
  11. New Mexico State University
  12. Oklahoma State University
  13. Pace University in New York
  14. Sacred Heart University in Connecticut
  15. University of South Carolina
  16. South Dakota State University
  17. Southern Methodist University in Texas
  18. Stephen F. Austin University in Texas
  19. Stonehill College in Massachusetts
  20. Texas Christian University
  21. University of Tennessee, Martin
  22. Texas A&M University, College Station
  23. West Texas A&M

Below are a few Campus-Specific Equestrian Scholarships:

In some cases, Western School emphasizes rodeo. If you are interested in rodeo, consider colleges like the University of Wyoming, where financial assistance is often offered to rodeo standouts.

The Knox School in New York offers questions scholarships to students participating in their first year equestrian competition. These scholarships are worth $1500 each. Student applicants are evaluated based on community involvement, extracurricular participation and academic achievement. Applications are accompanied by original short stories with horses as characters. All grade levels are eligible for this scholarship.

Black Hawk College has a noted equestrian program, for which it provides an Equine Scholarship. The college produces some the top show teams and horse judging teams among two-year colleges.

There are many university opportunities for those who are passionate about equestrian sports. If you are a young equestrian with talent who wants to build upon that talent while getting an education, looking into the scholarships listed above.