Vacationing with Horses

The love of horses runs deep, and can range from hobby to profession, but may still feel like you just don’t get to spend enough time with them. Now that spring is just around the corner, maybe you need to incorporate some horses into your R&R as well! From charitable trips to help working equids in impoverished countries to bringing your own horse to a ranch vacation, there are many, many ways to vacation and enjoy horses at the same time without falling into a dude ranch tourist trap. Below is a handful of ways to get out and enjoy nature, relax, and take part in equestrian pastimes!Horseback Riding

Keeping in mind that a lot of charitable work is of the veterinary kind, and often there are licenses and permits to keep in mind, check out a trip to provide aid in Latin America to working equids that do not have access to the same kinds of care that the United States can provide. The has a list of packing essentials, or you can check out, which has a wide variety of charitable information in general, but also has resources for setting up a “charitable adventure” (i.e. riding the Appliacian Trail and getting donors to sign up based on milage or landmarks. They can also help you chose a charitable organization to send your donor’s gifts to.)

If you want to take your horse along with you, Trail Rider Magazine has a whole long list of travel tips, smart questions to ask the proprietors, and places to stay on a bed & barn trips. A bed and barn trips is what you want if you’re looking to take a trip that isn’t camping or packing, and you’re planning on travel for longer than just a day trip. They will stable your horse as well as rent you a cozy room.

Horse and Rider details 50 great vacations, including tips to working as seasonal help on a cattle drive, which will also have you working on ranch penning and colt gentling. There are also horse camping sites, resorts full of amenities, and more.

Hidden Trails has an exceptionally long list of horse-based vacations, from long progressive rides with overnights in inns and lodges, to exotic worldwide horseback riding trips, to wildlife safaris on horseback, this directory of trips is an incredible resource. Equitrekking Travel, and High Pointe Equestrian Tours do the same, and will take you from riding through Tuscany to Portugal to Iceland, up challenging mountain trails, crossing rivers, strolling beaches, there are trips from relaxing to challenging, all over the world.

With all of those resources, you are well on your way to exactly the vacation you’re looking for. Enjoy, and be sure to stay tuned for more equestrian news and info!